Maison Wellesley Condos

Discover Maison Wellesley Condos in the Heart of "The Village"

Maison Wellesley Condos is ideally located within the thriving Church and Wellesley area, affectionately referred to as “The Village.” This vibrant neighborhood offers a plethora of amenities tailored to the 2SLGBTQ community, including community centers, parks, restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. Beyond its modern allure, “The Village” maintains a deep connection to its historical roots, with Victorian residences dating back to the late 19th and early 20th centuries, adding character and charm to the neighborhood.

Over the past decade, the Church and Wellesley neighborhood has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into a welcoming haven for a diverse range of residents. The landscape is now adorned with mid-rise mixed-use condominium buildings, a testament to the high demand and allure of this area for both residents and investors alike. Maison Wellesley Condos stands as a testament to the neighborhood’s evolving character, offering an ideal living space that combines modern luxury with the rich cultural heritage of “The Village.”

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    This area has rapidly become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Toronto, drawing people in with its variety of trendy boutiques, cafes, restaurants, outdoor patios, and bars that collectively create a lively and vibrant atmosphere. The majority of its residents, aged 30 to 54, are increasingly interested in upscale townhouses and condominiums. Maison Wellesley Condos benefits from its excellent location, with close proximity to TTC and easy access to Sherbourne, College, and Wellesley subway stations. Many residents choose biking as their primary mode of transportation, thanks to designated bike lanes, well-maintained streets, parks, and well-lit pathways, making it a pedestrian-friendly environment.

    Additionally, Maison Wellesley Condos is situated near Toronto’s healthcare district, home to prominent medical institutions like Toronto General Hospital and Mount Sinai. This neighborhood is currently undergoing transformative changes that are sure to attract investment interest for generations to come.




    Deposit Structure

    $10,000 on Signing
    Topped up to 5% in 30 Days
    5% in October 2024
    5% in January 2026
    5% on Occupancy

    Purchaser Incentives




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